Saturday, January 19, 2013

A beautiful band of grey

At the risk of being a bore, I continue to be transfixed by the rare grey female species.  This lovely woman was captured on camera (by my accomplice in this blog and official photographer, Bella) looking incredibly natural and undeniably stunning with her grey band.  Her grey is closer to white and forms a thick band framing her face.   

When I first started to go seriously grey, I wanted to add more grey to my hair, not in the salt and pepper way in which it has gradually become, but in thick streaks - one attempt lasted about 24 hours, and was very cool before it went to a kind of light brown from which I have only just fully recovered

If it's real life inspiration  your looking for, here she is.  A lovely woman, 40ish and beguilingly grey.



  1. Gorgeous hair. It just seems the luck of the genes how ones hair goes grey. I think it can be a bit easier if you are blond. I blend my grey with highlights.

  2. I agree, it's good to see her greying naturally.