Sunday, April 7, 2013

The right length

A word on the right length, in fact many words.  These images come to L'age Moyen from a faithful reader who has shown great patience in waiting for me to (finally!) post them (thank you so much Penelope).

Really, who is involved in the decision making process around skirt lengths - not for fashion and trends - but for real women and particularly those of us in l'age?  If a skirt does not at least hit the knee when you sit down it rides way up to the upper thigh and frankly, who needs that?  It's indiscreet, uncomfortable and ridiculous.    The images in the first photo are from Bottega Veneta, a longtime favourite of mine if only I could afford them.  At least the trend is moving in the right direction.  The second is lifted from the Sartorialist who rarely shows such sensible clothes these days but this is a nice departure.  I do love the combo of what would you say - red brick and pale blue - lovely.

One store that does have it right AND is somewhere in my price range is Tristan.  This is a Montreal-based company making virtually all it's clothing in Canada. I was in the store recently and bought a lovely pleated red skirt and could have bought three more.  It's not just the length that's right, it's the waistline that isn't so high you feel like you can't breath, but not so low that you're lovely thrifted silk blouse slips out with the first sneeze.   I don't know who is behind the brand (will find out though) but they must be women of a certain l'age.

Ralph Lauren is showing some lovely skirts this spring at just the right length.

And not outside even my modest budget.


  1. The blue skirt is perfect. I'm going straight off to look for one, or similar. Pleated skirts are wonderful - they look pretty and feminine but you can walk in them ; they do need shoes with some heel though.

  2. Parthenope- Apologies for the long delay in replying - agreed, you really need a little heel with these skirts. I suppose a ballet flat could work in a pinch,but I wear a heel.