Monday, August 5, 2013

Getting to grey - a hair update

This is a long overdue update on my transition to grey.  It's now so hard to believe the time (and money) I once spent on my hair not so long ago.  I know some women love going to see their stylist or are really clever and interested in messing around with home colour - I am not either one of those women.  I feel quite liberated from what I found to be a grind.

Next time I do an update I'll leave it down so you can see the length.

Back to menswear for me next.  Can you tell I'm on summer leave and have some time on my hands?


  1. You look fantastic! It suits you.

  2. Yes, I am one of those women ! I wish mine would look like that, but it is still at the brillo pad stage with lots of grey in the front and dark at the back. The texture seems to be better when it's coloured. I look enviously at the women I see here in Italy with beautiful grey or silver hair. It's interesting that to most people greying hair in a chignon sounds like instant old age, but on you it is chic and grown-up. Just how we all want to look ! How long does your hair need to be for the sock bun ?

  3. Beautiful highlights. You look very natural.

  4. I cheer every time when someone else decides it is alright to go grey because that is what I decided to do when it became apparent about 10 years ago that I either needed to start coloring or bite the bullet. My greys have come in fairly evenly and the texture is not too different. To keep from looking frumpy, I have it trimmed once a month (the Francoise Hardy cut, because maybe eventually.....) and I style it every day. On the rare Saturday that I might not, I won't open the front door.

    Just found your blog through Une Femme and spent a couple of delightful hours perusing.

  5. Une femme: It certainly suits my skin tone at this stage of the game.

    Parhenope: Agreed on colour taming the grey. Experience tells me that the more grey there is the tamer it gets. As for the sock bun - not long at all. My hair isn't touching my shoulders and it works. That's the beauty of the sock and it makes you appear to have tons of hair, which I do not!

    Cabra: Thanks, yes, it certainly is natural and just what I wanted.

    Cornelia: Ah, I wish I'd gone your route and not done the colouring - it has been so painful to grow it out! The Francoise Hardy cut in grey would be gorgeous. I'm very grateful to Une Femme for sending many readers my way - welcome!